Order Status and Product Reviews Module Demos

This ShopSite v7.1 DEMO store demonstrates two add-on modules developed by LexiConn for the ShopSite software.

The first is the Order Status Module, which you can demo by clicking the the 'Order Status Module Demo' link in the left hand menu bar. The second is the Product Reviews Module which you can see by clicking on any product listed below.

pics/basketball.jpg Basketball

Today's standard basketballs are orange to brown in color with an outer cover of leather or nylon and a pebbled (indented) surface for grip and control. In men's play, a regulation basketball is 29.5 to 30 in (74.9 to 76.2 cm) in circumference and 20 to 22 oz (567 to 624 g) in weight.
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monitor.jpg Computer Monitor

Cathode Ray Tube or CRT monitors are the oldest form of display for PC computer systems. Many of the earliest computers had their displays output to a standard composite video signal to be displayed on a regular TV. As time progressed, so did the level of technology used for computer displays.
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aquarium.jpg Play Aquarium

Disk-shaped. Dorsal and Anal fins Are elongated and sail-like, the Pectoral fins are stretched into long filaments. The Caudal fin is fan shaped and broad. The outermost fin rays are prolonged. In older fish the forehead bulges. Including the fins the Angel may reach a length of six inches and a height of ten inches.
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